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Should you buy a privacy screen for your laptop?

Best answer: Absolutely. Privacy screens are definitely worth getting for your laptop since they effectively prevent other people from spying on your computer activities in public and can also double as a screen protector.

Why use a privacy screen?
Privacy screens are essentially polarized plastic filters that you put over your computer screen in order to make seeing the information on them impossible from any angle other than a 60-degree viewing angle from the front — in other words, where you are. Outside of that cone, nobody will be able to peep on your web browsing or work projects.

This can be incredibly useful for pretty much anyone, but it's especially useful for traveling business managers or college students spending time on campus. While the 60-degree viewing angle still leaves sneaky spies an opening, you'll surely catch them in the act at that tight of a viewing cone. Additionally, the filter screen can double as protection against scratches as well, albeit a mediocre one. If display safeguarding is what you're after, you'd be better off getting a dedicated screen protector.

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