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Top Privacy Screen Protectors Brand for Your Computers and Phones

With he list of security threats everincreasing, you can now addvisual hacking to the list, which as the nameimplies is when individuals lookat your screen to steal information.

With smartphones, tabletsand laptops nowbeing used outside of the office just as much as inside, youhave to takeprecautions if you don’t want to fall victim to this type ofhacking.

Laptop Privacy Screen Protector

The lengths to whichcriminals go in orderto steal your data is incredible. If there is any kind ofweakness, theywill exploit it. And if you don’t havea privacy screen protector onyour smartphone, tablet orlaptop, it is a vulnerability cybercriminals canexploit.

While some people are nowaware of thedanger and use a laptop privacy screen protector, theyare not asdiligent about installing a privacy screen for theirsmalldevices.

But as more people shop,pay bills and workon smartphones and tablets, the amount of data these deviceshold and displayis the same as any laptop or desktop.

If you don’t have alaptop privacy screen protector,you are risking your data beingstolen via visual hacking, this accordingto a study conducted by 3M.

So how easy is it to hack content of peoplewho are not using alaptop privacy screen protector orother security measure?

The answer is very easy!In a global trial,an undercover white hat hacker was able to visually hackinformation 91% of thetime, which is more than 9 out of 10 times.

If you have been a victimof any kind ofcyberattack, the Federal Trade Communication (FTC) has sometips here. Andthe Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has sometips you shouldfollow to make it much harder for hackers to breach your digitalpresence.

Public and privateorganizations are trying to do allthey can to protect consumers and smallbusinsses from cyber-attacks. Whiletheir efforts are making a dent, it alsorequires consumers to be more aware.

Your small business needsprotection too.

This includes using alaptop privacy screen protector andnot forgetting to do thesame for your smartphones and tablets.

To discourage potentialvisual hackers fromlooking at your device, you can use alaptop privacy screenprotector. Here is a list of 21 products you canchoose to make it happen. Inmost cases, the companies providethe privacy protectors for the mostpopular brands of smartphones andtablets. As for laptops and desktop screens,you just buy the product forthe appropriate screen size, but vendorswill offer brandspecific protectors.

HP EliteBook 1040 and HPEliteBook 840

Introduced as the world’sonly notebookswith integrated privacy screens, the HP EliteBook 1040and HPEliteBook 840 come with the protection you need to thwart visualhacking.

It was developed with3M privacy technology,so you won’t have to carry additional tools.All you have to do is press the F2key on your laptop, and it turnsinto privacy mode, reducing up to 95percent of visible light whenviewed at an angle. If you are in the market fora new laptop this is a greatfeature, which as of now is only available onthe HP models, otherwisea screen protector isthe way to go.

3MGold Privacy Filter

This privacy screenfrom 3Mprotects your laptop that delivers high level of clarity while at thesame timeprotection your privacy. According to 3M,the Gold Privacy Filter delivers 25 percent moreclaritythan standard 3M Black Privacy Filters.

The filters starts fading to black at the30-degree side angleand there is an effective blackout from side views outsidethe 60-degree viewingangle. You can use the gold effect or flip it over for aglossyblack screen

Gadget Guard

The GadgetGuard privacy glass screen protector ismade with optical gradetempered glass. It comes with two-way (side view) privacy anda 9HHardness rating to resist scratching. This is one of the more expensiveproductsout there, but the company has a guarantee for the life of the devicestheyprotect.


Bodyguardz was founded in2002, and it hasbeen making screen protectors for 15 years. Its lineof ScreenGuardz privacy protectors have 4-wayprotected viewing,making it very hard for anyone but yourself to look at whatis on yoursmartphone. The protectors are custom made for each brand toensure exactfit.

3M Privacy Screen Protectors

When itcomes screen protection, 3M is renowned for the manydifferent line of productsit offers. This unique design lets you changethe privacy setting bychanging the orientation of the phone. When itis in portrait, it is privateand if you want to share just change angle toshare.

It has a dry applicationand a stay-cleanedge technology that prevents dust and grime from collecting onthe edges ofthe screen protector.

Akamai Privacy Screen forWidescreen Laptops

The Akamai laptop privacy screen protectorcomesin different sizes for your laptop and desktop monitor. It blocksvisibilityfrom side angles outside the 60 degree viewing angle. It can beinstalledpermanently or as a slide screen you can take on and off.Thisparticular model is not compatible with touchscreens.


In addition to providingoptic gradeclarity, Eleplace has a lifetime guarantee along with afullrefund if you are not happy with how it performs.The screen isavailable for monitors with different aspect ratio, andit prevents 96 percentUV and 99.9 percent LF-radiation to protect your eyes.


Known for many of theaccessories itprovides, Kensington is a recognized brand.This screen protector isnot cheap, but it is easy to use andcomes highly rated. 

It has a spring-loaded mount thateliminates the need foradhesives, and it limits viewing angle +/- 30 degree.The screen alsoreduces harmful blue light by up to 30 percent.


LikeKensington, Targus is also a recognized brand when it comestocomputer accessories. According to the company, data is only visibledirectlyin front of the monitor up to 45 degrees away from the center ofthe screen.It uses clear adhesives strips you stick on your laptop ordesktop monitor, butthe company claims it can slide on and off easily.

Tech Armor

The TechArmor privacy screen protectors areavailable for most of the majorsmartphones, tablets and PCs. The 4-Way Privacy filterkeeps yourmonitor hidden even if you hold your phone in portrait or landscapemode.However, the company does warn, “It may reduce display clarity.”


This privacy protector from iMoreGro ismade from specially processed glass toprotect your screen along witha privacy film in portrait orlandscape viewing modes.


The Secret Seriesfrom iCarez is a 4 Way 360degree privacy screen protector madefrom new generation ofGrade A, ECO materials and Japanese Nano coatingtechnology. The company offersa 100 percent guarantee for the life of yourdevice, with free replacements ifit is damages.

PatchworksITG Privacy

Made from raw glass fromJapan and finishedin Korea, Patchworks has created a quality glassscreenprotector with an anti-spy privacy filter from 3M. It has view-angleofmore than 30 degrees which goes invisibly dark beyond this range, accordingtothe company.


JETTech makes ahighly rated privacy anti-spyscreen protector that is thin, yet comeswith 9H and premium tempered glass.The privacy film works on portraitviewing modes.

As any security expertwill tell you, thereis no such thing as 100 percent security. This means if youhave informationthat has enough value, there is nothing the bad actors will notdo to get it.Your job is to make it as difficult as possible for them. And ifyou are notprotecting government or intellectual property secrets, placingenoughobstacles will discourage your garden variety hacker to find targets thataremuch easier. A laptop privacy screen is one tool of many youcanuse to do that.

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