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Can the privacy film really prevent peeping? What is its principle?

Undoubtedly, mobile phones have become an indispensable item in modern people’s lives. On the subway and bus when commuting to and from get off work, “head-downers” can be seen everywhere. Some are watching dramas, some are chatting with friends, and some are processing emails. ...

However, when everyone uses a mobile phone or computer in a public area, there is a headache: How can we prevent people next to them from seeing the content on the screen to prevent personal privacy from leaking?
Don't worry, there is a corresponding product on the market: privacy film. What is the function of this kind of membrane, and how does it achieve "anti-peeping"?

What is the principle of privacy film?

"Private privacy film" refers to a layer of cold-laminated tempered film attached to the screen of a mobile phone or computer, which looks no different from ordinary mobile phone and computer tempered film.

But after attaching this kind of film, only the user who is facing the screen of the mobile phone or computer can see the content on the screen clearly. Other people can only see the darkness when looking at it from the side, so as to prevent peeping and protect user privacy The role of. The privacy film uses the optical principles in physics and adopts an ultra-fine louver structure, which can make the reflection of light entering the mobile phone or computer screen smaller, and most of the light only returns along the direction of incidence.

Therefore, only the user facing the screen can receive this part of the light and see the content on the screen clearly. On the other hand, onlookers at a certain angle to the screen cannot receive the light reflected from the screen from the side, so even if they look at the screen, they can only see pitch black.

The ultra-micro shutter material is composed of multiple layers of materials, and there are PET and PE protective layers on the top and bottom of the main body shutter structure.

PE and PET materials are also the most common materials in the protective film of general electronic equipment such as mobile phones or computers.

The main component of the PE protective film is polyethylene plastic, which can make the film smooth and shiny, and has a certain resistance to tension and impact. At the same time, it does not affect the touch screen function of the mobile phone and plays a certain role in protecting the screen.

PET film also has better heat and cold resistance properties, which can better protect the mobile phone screen in more extreme external weather conditions.

The shutter structure in the composite material can play a role in narrowing the reflection range of the screen and preventing bystanders other than the user from peeping.

In layman's terms, it is like installing a lot of super fine blinds on the mobile phone screen.

The shutter material can be composed of grating structures arranged side by side. The interval of the gratings is between 0.02-0.1mm. When light is irradiated on the privacy film, most of the light is blocked by the grating, and only a small part is basically irradiated on the film vertically. The light can be reflected from the interval to reduce the visible range of the screen and prevent peeping. In addition to mobile phones and computers that can be installed, privacy filters have many other applications.

For example, similar anti-spy films can be installed on self-service devices such as bank ATMs to protect customers’ personal information and passwords to prevent leakage; in police stations, interrogation rooms and other places that require high levels of confidentiality, you can also choose to The equipment is equipped with a privacy film to prevent the leakage of suspect information and clues to the case.

Even in the field of computer-based examinations such as judicial examinations and English examinations, a privacy film can be installed on the computer to prevent cheating by using new technology and improve the fairness of the examination.

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