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  • Monitor Privacy Filters
  • Monitor Privacy Filters
  • Monitor Privacy Filters
  • Monitor Privacy Filters
Monitor Privacy FiltersMonitor Privacy FiltersMonitor Privacy FiltersMonitor Privacy Filters

Monitor Privacy Filters

  • Function: Protect the Privacy, Anti Glare
  • Thickness : 0.4mm±0.02mm
  • Privacy Angle: 45~60° Invisible area
  • Transparency: 80% Transparency
  • Product Describetion: Monitor Privacy Filters
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✅ MAXIMIZE PRIVACY – No matter where you’re working, don’t put your information at risk! Protect your privacy with an privacy filter for monitor at work and at home. With touchscreen compatible privacy screens for every size, you can safeguard any computer, including iMac, HP, Dell, and more.

✅ CERTIFIED QUALITY – Ensure private browsing with the flexible security screen for desktop monitors that meets the strictest standards. This desktop monitor screen protector features multiple layers of thick film to black out your screen at angles beyond 30 degrees. It’s also easy to install and is anti-glare and scratch-resistant, plus it won’t damage your computer or affect your touchscreen capability!
✅ PROTECT YOUR INFORMATION – Protect your privacy AND your eyes with the desktop security screen that reduces blue light exposure to minimize UV radiation up to 96 percent! Whether you’re a professional protecting sensitive information, a student safeguarding notes, or a digital nomad securing confidential content, make sure your private material and your eyes stay safe.
✅ DUAL-FINISH– Pick the finish you want with reversible information security screen, a non-reflective matte finish or a glossy luster!
✅ SATISFACTION GUARANTEE –We makes sure you get the very best quality from customer service to our private screen protectors. We’ll even help you choose the right filter size!
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