Screen Protectors

  • 9H Flexible Nano Glass Film
  • 9H Flexible Nano Glass Film
9H Flexible Nano Glass Film9H Flexible Nano Glass Film

9H Flexible Nano Glass Film

  • Function : Anti Scratch. Anti Shock
  • Thickness : 0.3 mm
  • Hardness :9H
  • Material: nanoglass from Japan
  • Product Describetion: 9H Flexible Nano Glass Film
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1. Protection & endurance –screen guard offers great protection to the device from damages. A plastic screen can help original screen to avoid scratches,  nano protector screen can withstand heavy damages due to higher endurance surface. 

2.Fingerprint Resistance– A smartphone or any electric device will wear out by constant use and the effect is doubled when it comes to touch screens. We can find fingerprints and smudges that spoil the appearance of the display. A screen guard can be replaced if the fingerprints become too many, but a device cannot be, Therefore, they occupy a great place is saving the display of the device.

3. Aestheticism– Although, screen guards themselves cannot provide any beauty to the electronic device they can certainly shield the glory of a device. All the scratches, smudges, stains, fingerprints, dirt.etc. can be barred by protectors and help to maintain the look. It is needless to say that aestheticism plays a big role while trying to re-sell a gadget. Further, a matte screen guards can gives grand look to the device with the finish it offers improving the chances of getting a great deal from the customer.
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